Eco Friendly

True to our name, Rough Diamond, specializes in innovative home improvement services that use what you already have and resurface it to a beautiful new finish and look.

Resurfacing your countertops and concrete is a superior choice for preserving our environment.

Granite, Stone and Marble fabrication have a large negative carbon footprint including:

  • Diesel spewing heaving machinery quarrying, excavating and slicing the stone (much done in countries with poor environmental standards)
  • Overseas shipping from thousands of miles away (Italy, Brazil or China)
  • Dealer water cutting and polishing and delivery to consumer
  • Removal of old countertops or concrete steps/walks and disposal in our local landfills
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos tiles

All construction produces waste but we take a green approach to everything.

  • We recycle all cardboard, plastics and metals
  • We re-use buckets and other materials whenever possible
  • We donate usable sinks, cabinets and other items removed as part of your renovation

Our goal at the end of the job is to have only a few buckets and a bag of used disposables go in the trash

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