Decorative Concrete Countertop Resurfacing

Don't Replace Your Old, Worn Out Countertops...
Have Rough Diamond Resurface them to a beautiful new look and finish!

Decorative concrete countertop resurfacing is a process where your existing countertops are layered with a high-tech polymer concrete overlay, custom colored to a one-of-a-kind finish and sealed with a crystal clear epoxy sealer that is scratch resistant and indirect heat resistant to 500* F.

We can create the look of granite, marble, or custom concrete by applying our concrete resurfacing formula directly over existing laminate, FormicaŽ, tile, granite, CorianŽ, solid surface and wood countertops, or we can  build your countertops from scratch.

Our custom, on-site coloring system guarantees a one-of-a-kind look. We can create traditional granite colors but can adjust and tailor them to your preferences. Or we can create just about any unusual or unique color that you can dream up. We even have exotic metallic finishes available.

Gallery of some of our work

This process creates a beautiful, durable and  low maintenance surface that is superior to natural stone in many ways.

  1. Decorative concrete is several times stronger than granite and marble.

If you drop a pound of frozen ground beef on a granite counter you could likely crack it and, once cracked, it is usually not repairable.

You can hit our surfaces with a hammer with little to no damage and if you ever do damage it we can repair almost anything.

  1. Once resurfaced there will be no seams making your decorative concrete countertop look like it is one continuous piece of stone no matter how large.

Grades of granite and marble have been cheapened to meet price pressures due to commoditization.

This results in quarrying stone that is more brittle and cracks more easily. Some are even being infused with resin to compensate.

Seams are now being added in unsightly areas like the front and back of the sink and edges to reduce cracking during installation.

  1. The flow or pattern of the stone veining is applied onsite and therefore consistent no matter how many pieces giving the impression of one slab.

To maximize the use of the slab granite fabricators are forced to cut to fit disregarding the flow or pattern of the stone.

This results in backsplashes and sections seamed  together with different flow patterns in the stone.

  1. Every decorative concrete countertop is colored onsite and therefore is a one-of-a-kind.

Colors for granite and marble become too popular and common. Soon every house on the block has the same countertops.

  1. Resurfaced countertops are non-porous allowing no bacterial growth and are even NSF certified and approved by the US FDA for food service.

Granite and all natural stone are porous and prone to retain food-borne bacteria.

  1. Resurfaced countertops are also non-staining because they are non-porous.

Granite can be stained by the oils in peanut butter or liquid soap and the acid in fruits, juices and wine

  1. No messy demolition of your countertops. Most jobs are completed in 2-3 days.

Existing countertops need to be removed to template for granite and then you have to wait 2-4 weeks for fabrication and installation.


Ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tables, desks, bar tops, restaurant table tops, retail counters and salon workstations.


Now you can have the look of high end stone at an affordable price.



  Rough Diamond is proud to be a certified installer of Granicrete and iCoat countertop products.



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